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Vladimír Šolc appointed as new CEO of Sberbank CZ

Prague, 18 July 2013 – Vladimír Šolc has been appointed new CEO and Chairman of the Management Board of Sberbank CZ, succeeding Libor Holub, who left the company at the end of June.

Joining Sberbank CZ, Vladimir Šolc (42) brings almost 20 years of experience, particularly in banking. He started his career in 1995 in Prague-based branch of Commerzbank AG. In 2000 he joined Credit Suisse First Boston as a Board Member. He worked for the company both in Prague and for 4 years in the City of London. After returning to Czech Republic in 2006 he had been appointed as CEO of Deutsche Bank AG in CZ and worked for the company for 3 years. Since 2011 he worked as a partner in division of Financial Advisory Services in Deloitte.

“I consider the offer to lead Sberbank in Czech Republic  as a challenge to actively contribute to the bank transformation in order to push it to the position of one of the market leaders. I am convinced that the management of Sberbank CZ has the unique chance to build up a powerful team in Czech Republic. Cooperating with its parent company Sberbank Europe, we primarily intent to make Sberbank both the powerful Central European brand representative and strong competitor with the quality services offered to considerable amount of satisfied clients.,” says Vladimír Šolc, new CEO of Sberbank CZ.

“With Vladimir on board we have really strengthened our management team and also the opportunity to accelerate our growth in the Czech Republic”, states Mark Arnold, CEO of Sberbank Europe.
The predecessor of Vladimír Šolc, the former CEO Libor Holub, left Sberbank CZ by mutual agreement at the end of June 2013. He worked in the bank for more than 8 years, for almost 5 years he served as member of its Management Board.

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