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List of External Valuators

To choose an external valuator, first choose the region in which the given property is located. From the list of valuators who cooperate with Sberbank CZ, choose a valuator and contact him at the telephone number specified, and ask him to draw up a valuation of your property for you. Informative recommended prices of external valuators are provided in the List of Tariffs (in Czech).

A list of external valuators for retail valuations

For valuators of flats, family houses, family recreational homes and individual lots for family house development, see the section Retail Valuations.

List of External Valuators - RETAIL valuations

A list of external valuators for corporate valuations

For valuators of residential buildings, guest houses, administrative and mixed use buildings, and warehouse buildings and grounds, visit the section Corporate Valuations.

List of External Valuators - CORPORATE valuations