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FAIR Account

FAIR Account is offered to private individuals in three options depending on the current account activity. Complete the table below (enter the amount of payments and ATM cash withdrawals you make) and find out the right FAIR Account option for you. Other transactions are not taken into account in the recommended option.

TIP: Use actively FAIR Account OPTIMAL and get extra bonuses for free: unlimited ATM cash withdrawals in the Czech Republic and abroad and preferential interest rate for savings and overdraft facility.

Monthly account turnover / deposit product balance at Sberbank

Monthly credit turnover ?
Aggregate deposit product balance
at Sberbank CZ ?

CZK domestic online transactions (number of payments)

Incoming payments
Single payments
Regular payments
Standing orders
Direct debit to other banks

ATM cash withdrawals in the Czech Republic

Sberbank, ČSOB, Era ATMs ?
ATMs of other banks & companies


Monthly Fee

Total Fees

Monthly Fee
Total Fees
Recommended Option Recommended Option Recommended Option Recommended Option

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