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Branches and ATMs


We have time when you do. Separate meeting rooms will provide you a peaceful environment, which is a basic requirement of good advisory services.
Each branch in the Czech Republic will be displayed on the map above.


Our new FAIR Accounts designed for private individuals, entrepreneurs and small enterprises offer FREE ATM cash withdrawals from over a thousand of Sberbank CZ, ČSOB and Era ATMs in the Czech Republic (options AKTIV or PODNIKATEL) and from any ATM at home and abroad (option OPTIMAL).

Corporate Centres

Our corporate specialists are available to you on the premises and in the offices of Sberbank CZ’s branches in every region. Please contact us at the telephone numbers provided for each Corporate Centre.

Sberbank CZ, a.s. (Head Office)

U Trezorky 921/2
158 00 Praha 5

GPS: 50.05606N, 14.37529E

T: 221 969 911 – reception
F: 221 969 951
E: mail@sberbankcz.cz

Municipalities and Non-Profit Sector

T: 545 525 231, 234 706 871

Entrepreneurs and SMEs

T: 800 133 444

Large Corporations

T: 234 706 897
E: corporate_banking@sberbankcz.cz

Financial Institutions

T: 234 706 871
E: financni_instituce@sberbankcz.cz