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Sberbank CZ Corporate Social Responsibility

At Sberbank CZ, we want our clients to know that we are interested in the environment and society we are present in.

We take corporate social responsibility seriously and take pride in conducting our business in a fair and socially responsible way. Giving a helping hand where needed comes as a natural thing to us. We encourage our employees to take part in community and volunteering-related activities. We engage in eco-friendly activities and support environmental restoration projects and initiatives. We have set up Sberbank CZ Foundation Fund through which we support non-profit organisations and their projects aiming to assist individual people in need. We support:

  • at-risk children and activities organised for socially-deprived children
  • at-risk women and programmes designated for socially-deprived women
  • education and financial literacy initiatives
  • people with disabilities
  • senior citizens
  • environmental projects

We support non-profit organisations registered in the Czech Republic; in particular, but not limited to: foundations, endowment funds, associations and unions, benevolent societies, churches and religious organisations.

Long-Term Projects

We aim to assist people in need. Since the establishment of Sberbank CZ Foundation Fund, we have supported dozens of projects.

  • we campaign to raise awareness of cancer prevention and get involved in the Movember movement
  • we make the Christmas wishes of children and senior citizens staying in shelters and senior homes come true
  • we have planted several new forests
  • we have planted several new forests
  • we monitor and reduce carbon footprint

Are you aware of a non-profit organisation we can support? Complete and submit the form (in Czech).

Are you aware of a non-profit organisation we can support?
Complete and submit the form (in Czech).

Annual CSR Reports

Sustainability Report


Sberbank CZ Helps Build Barefoot Trail

On Tuesday, 16 September 2014, Sberbank CZ organised another volunteering day – this time at F. D. Roosevelt High School for Students with Disabilities in Brno where 18 Sberbank CZ volunteers helped build a brand new barefoot trail.

Sberbank CZ Volunteers

Sberbank CZ is proud to have employees who dedicate some of their free time to volunteering. Such as Jitka Ovesná, Sberbank CZ Relationship Manager from Brno Panská branch who volunteers for Modrý hroch (Blue Hippo), a Czech benevolent fund for children having sustained severe in...

Charity Golf Tournament

Nearly 30 Sberbank CZ golf players from different parts of the Czech Republic took a day off from work to participate in the first Sberbank CZ employee golf tournament. Gathered at the 18 hole golf course in Beřovice, some Sberbank CZ golfers competed in golf tournament and some ...

Sberbank Forest Gets Bigger

On Friday, 11 April 2014, a group of 13 Sberbank CZ volunteers gathered in Březová (Podještědí) to plant further trees in our Sberbank forest.

Christmas Gifts for Kids

Before Christmas 2013, Sberbank CZ repeated its successful event of the past year organised for children in children homes and ill children staying in hospital over the Christmas.

Sberbank Forest Prepares for Winter

On Friday, 1 November 2013, a group of 13 Sberbank CZ gathered once again in Březová – Podještědí by Český Dub to prepare our Sberbank forest for winter and protect the newly planted trees from browsing animals.

Sberbank CZ Returns to Pálava

Two dozens of Sberbank CZ employees returned to the Pálava Protected Landscape Area after a year to collect waste and make the nature in Southern Moravia look bright and beautiful again.

Sberbank CZ Spends Afternoon with Kids

On 19 June 2013, the employees of the Brno-Panská branch in co-operation with the civic association Adam dětem and the University Hospital Brno organised an afternoon of games and entertainment for children entitled Let’s Draw a Smile Together.

Sberbank CZ Donates CZK 250,000 to Flood Victims

As a company with corporate social responsibility, we are aware of and attentive to the consequences of floods that hit a significant part of Bohemia in the past days. As – unlike in the past – no Sberbank CZ branch was hit by the flood this time, we have decided to donate CZK 25...

Sberbank Forest

Celebrated annually on 22 April, this year’s Earth Day saw 31 Sberbank CZ employees taking part in the fourth Sberbank CZ volunteering day in the brand new Sberbank forest.