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Time Deposit

Advantages for You

  • Guaranteed appreciation
  • Statutory deposit protection up to the level of the equivalent of EUR 100,000

Price conditions

  • Free opening, maintenance, and renewal of a Time Deposit
  • Free Sberbank Online Banking

Detailed Information

Do you want to have your money appreciate advantageously and safely?  Will you not be needing those funds in the next while?  Then our Time Deposit is the ideal solution for you.

Time Deposit

Offers higher appreciation. A condition of higher appreciation is your undertaking that you will not make any dispositions with your deposit for the agreed period of time.

Deposits in 1 year
2 years
3 years
CZK 1.55% p. a. 1.70% p. a. 1.85% p. a.
EUR 0.30% p. a. 0.40% p. a. 0.55% p. a.
USD 1.30% p. a. 1.50% p. a. 1.75% p. a.
RUB 5.75% p. a. 6.00% p. a.
6.25% p. a.

- The minimum deposit is CZK 30,000 or its equivalent in a foreign currency
- Deposits in excess of CZK 10,000,000; EUR 500,000; USD 500,000; or RUB 30,000,000 are subject to individual rates

Contact us

  • At any Sberbank CZ branch
  • On our Infoline 800 133 444
  • Using the contact form on this page

Important information for you to read

We can only establish a Time Deposit for you once you have opened a savings Account, which can be done free of charge.


Information contained in this marketing kit does not constitute a public offer or invitation to bid and/or enter into a contract/agreement. Provision and use of Sberbank CZ services are subject to the execution of a respective contract/agreement and compliance with the terms and conditions thereof. Comprehensive information about our products and services can be obtained at http://www.sberbankcz.cz or any Sberbank CZ branch.

Contact us

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