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Advantages for You

Housing without collateral – financing cooperative apartments
No fees – loan processing FREE OF CHARGE
Long maturity – up to 24 months

Price Conditions

  • Processing and loan account maintenance = free of charge
  • Interest rates from 4.99% p.a. 

Detailed Information

Do you want to buy a cooperative or municipal property? With the pre-mortgage loan, we can finance your dreams even without establishing collateral on your property.

Main Features of the PRE-MORTGAGE Loan:

  • We will help you finance property that is not yet entered in the land register:
    • Purchase of an apartment or plot from the municipality
    • Cooperative housing – to be transferred into private ownership within 24 months
  • Interest rate from 4.99% p.a.
  • Loan processing and loan account maintenance FREE OF CHARGE
  • We will lend you up to CZK 3,000,000, at most 75% of the market price of the property
  • Repayment period 24 months
  • Financing of housing temporarily without collateral
  • As soon as a lien can be created (e.g. when the apartment is transferred into private property), the pre-mortgage loan is replaced by a standard mortgage loan

Take a look at an example of a PRE-MORTGAGE Loan calculation

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