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Loan Refinancing and ConsolidationFAIR Consolidation

Advantages for You

  • Free arrangement – settlement of debts, credit card loans and overdraft facilities to your original creditors

Price Conditions

  • Annual percentage rate from 3.90% p.a.
  • Free loan account opening, maintenance and early repayment
  • Refer to our List of Fees and Interest Rates for complete information about the pricing

Why choose a FAIR consolidation

You can transfer any unfavourable loan to our bank or consolidate several loans into one. You will save money and can even get additional funds.

  • You can transfer all your loans from CZK 50,000 to CZK 1,000,000
  • You can even get an additional loan and use the funds for anything you like
  • You can also consolidate loans of your family members – max. 10 different loans
  • Spread your regular loan repayments over a term of up to ten years

Basic Terms and Conditions  

  • Age 18 years and above (applicant and co-applicant)
  • Spousal consent for loans from CZK 250,000 to CZK 400,000 (inclusive) - granted in writing at any SBCZ branch 
  • Spouse as a mandatory co-applicant for loans above CZK 400,000
  • An option to consolidate the loans of co-applicants in the direct family line (spouse, parents, children)

Documents Required  

  • ID documents:
    • Czech citizens: ID card
    • Slovak citizens: Slovak ID card + another ID card (Czech permanent/ long-term / temporary residence permit or driving licence / passport and proof of address)
    • EU / EFTA citizens: passport or ID + Czech permanent/ long-term / temporary residence permit
    • Others: passport + Czech permanent/ long-term / temporary residence permit
  • Proof of income - if not credited to Sberbank CZ account:
    • employee 
      • FAIR Consolidation from CZK 50,000 to CZK 250,000 (inclusive): full bank statements from your current account for the past three months or Proof of Income
      • FAIR Consolidation from CZK 251,000 to CZK 350,000 (inclusive): full bank statements from your current account for the past three months
      • FAIR Consolidation from CZK 351,000 to CZK 1,000,000 (inclusive): full bank statements from your current account for the past three months and Proof of Income
    • entrepreneur – Tax return and proof of tax payment
  • Documents required: loan agreement + loan account number (loan agreement, credit card agreement, overdraft facility agreement) or any other document issued by your bank including the loan account details, e.g.:
    • loan account / credit card / current account statement
    • loan acceptance / confirmation letter

Contact us

  • At any Sberbank CZ branch
  • On our info-line 800 133 444
  • Using the contact form on this page

Information contained in this marketing kit does not constitute a public offer or invitation to bid and/or enter into a contract/agreement. Provision and use of Sberbank CZ services are subject to the execution of a respective contract/agreement and compliance with the terms and conditions thereof. Comprehensive information about our products and services can be obtained at http://www.sberbankcz.cz or any Sberbank CZ branch.

I have a better offer

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