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Safe Deposit Boxes

Advantages for You

  • A secure place for valuables and important documents
  • Insurance cover for the contents up to CZK 500 000 included

Price Conditions

  • Available in different sizes
  • Rental fee from CZK 1.98 / day
  • For detailed information about the fees, please refer to our List of Fees

Detailed Information

Available at selected branches, the safe deposit boxes provide a secure place to keep valuables (gold, commemorative coins, jewellery, antiques, etc.) and/or important documents (original copies of contracts and agreements, travel and other documents, testaments, deeds of donation, securities, etc.).

Not fit for arms, munitions and/or chemicals and other dangerous substances, the safe deposit boxes are available to Sberbank CZ clients with an active current account. Contracts are available for in/definite periods with a minimum rental period of one month.

Safe Deposit Services

Branch Size (litres)
up to 5 from 5 to 10 from 10 to 15 from 15 to 30
Brno M-Palác        
Brno Panská        
České Budějovice        
Hradec Králové        
Karlovy Vary        
Praha Lazarská        
Praha Na Příkopě        

Contact Us

To receive detailed information about the pricing and availability, please:

  • visit any of the branches listed above;
  • call our toll free line 800 133 444; and/or
  • complete the contact form.

Information contained herein does not constitute a public offer or invitation to bid and/or enter into a contract/agreement. Provision and use of Sberbank CZ services are subject to the execution of a respective contract/agreement and compliance with the terms and conditions thereof. Comprehensive information about our products and services can be obtained at www.sberbankcz.cz/en/ or any Sberbank CZ branch.

Contact Us

We will be happy to inform you about the current availability of Safe Deposit Boxes.
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